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Bourne End Film Makers - Recent Films

Below are some of the recent films produced by our members either individually, or collaboratively.  A variety of films have been produced so click on any film to enjoy the endeavors of our members.  If you would like to participate in the making of future films why not join BEFM - new members are always welcome whatever aspect of film making they are interested in.  For more details about our Club see our About Us & Join Us page.

2018 - 2019 Films

Night Shift - A BEFM Production

A nurse becomes obsessed with an elderly man in her care with a tragic consequence.  Loosely based on 'The Tell Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe
2017 - 2018 Films

The Next Stop - A BEFM Production

Journeys can be perilous, even one leading to heaven.

Train of Thought - A BEFM Production

Getting married is a big step and this chap gets cold feet in more ways than one!

2014 - 2015 Films

The Big One - A BEFM Production

In writing the script for this production Dennis Lowe was inspired by Alexander Corder's film, 'The Man who could Work Miracles'.  The Red Lion pub in Penn was used as the main location, but the conversation between the two drinking pals was shot using 'green screen'.

We were very fortunate in being able to use the 1940s school room at Hendon RAF Museum and extremely lucky in discovering that the grandson of David Keene, the Head of the Access & Learning Centre at the museum, was a budding actor, so, Sam Keengooch was recruited to play the young Jack. The whole film was shot in daylight and the special effects were produced by Dennis Lowe.

The Making of The Big One - Will Davies

This film interviews Dennis Lowe explaining the influence of Alexander Corder's film "The Man who could Work Miracles" and also how the original script was enhanced by the members of the club.  Rodney Willott and Dennis also discuss the issues they encountered and how they were overcome.

Views and comments of the actors, and some of the local residents in Penn, are interesting and the end of the film shows the film premier which was held at The Red Lion Pub in Penn. 

A Good Year with My Bees - Harry Peace

This informative and delightful film depicts a year in the life of local Bee Keeper, Harry Peace, who was hoping to reduce the number of hives he looks after but the Bees had other ideas.

A Short Walk in Yosemite - Roger Davies

This travelogue records a walk in the magnificent Yosemite National Park in the USA and although the walk is a mere 7 miles, over rocks and through woods to reach the two waterfalls, the climb is over 2,000 feet.  The views are spectacular and well worth it if you have a head for heights.

Bourton-on-the-Water - Rodney Willott

A "closer" look at Burton-on-the-Water revealing the detail of the tree lined streets and buildings.

Mannpower - Will Davies

This film by Will Davies of the Isle of Man TT Races in 2013 shows how the island is taken over by the motorcycle for 13 days in June every year.  The filming of the road races is intermingled with Dune Buggy races and encapsulates the unique atmosphere of the TT Races.

Rhone River Cruise - Derek Miller

This Travelogue captures the delights of the historic cities and towns that follow the Rhone River between Avignon and Lyon in France.  The architecture, both old and new, is stunning as is the scenery around this sizable river.

2013 - 2014 Films

Chartwell - Roger Davies

Chartwell in Westerham, Kent was the home of Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine. The house was purchased by Winston in 1922 but was reconstructed in the "Arts and Crafts" style and on his death, in 1965, it was given to the National Trust.  The film shows the magnificent gardens, lakes and spectacular views over The Weald of Kent.

On the Rails - A BEFM Production

The Script for this Club Production was created in a single afternoon by two members, Roy Symmons and Dennis Lowe and most of the filming was done in Roy's house and garden.  It was a fun film to make, especially the train crash scene which required a great deal of time in post production to smooth out the jerkiness of the stop motion technique.

Pastures in the Sky - Dennis Lowe

This documentary celebrates the life of the artist Patrick Woodroffe who has created amazing surreal paintings, illustrations and sculptures.  Patrick who could speak several languages fluently was diagnosed with Pick's Desease, a cruel neurological degenerative disease that causes the loss of speech and dementia.  Paul Spooner, friend and artist, interviews Patrick, his wife Joanne, and Michael Heseltine.

2012 - 2013 Films

The Yearning - A BEFM Production

Two strangers both have dreams about themselves as a couple set in the 1940s gangster era in America.  The nonsense aspect of dreams is captured in the dialogue.

Summertime - Dennis Lowe

The footage for this film was taken by Dennis in a single day, the 30th September, 2011.  It shows the delights of the River Thames around Bourne End with families, children, pets and wildlife enjoying the unseasonable hot weather on the last day of September, the hottest day since 1895!